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Get documentation on deploying, managing, and using the Zoom platform. What’s New at Zoom? Join our upcoming webinar to get a first-hand look into some of our exciting new product and feature releases. A few days a go I bought a new laptop and whenever I try and join a zoom meeting, it gives me an error stating. But when I try joining the same call with the same account on a different computer it works fine.

I tried to google the problem and I tired to flush my DNS, logging off and back on, deleting zoom, clearing cache, deleting history but nothing seemed to fix the по этой ссылке. Go to Solution. This is the response I received from Zoom Support for the user who was trying to use Firefox to open a Zoom meeting in Canvas.

I was able to engage with our engineering team, and they advised the following: Browsers increase security settings to provide users with more control over their privacy settings while navigating the what does error code 3038 mean on zoom – what does error code 3038 mean on zoom:. These security settings also prevent tools nested within another tool e. For Firefox, Zoom should be added as an exception to the third-party browser cookie blocking security settings to resolve this issue.

View solution in original post. Hi fatchinyare you perhaps using canvas and receiving this error? One of our instructors receives this error message when she tries to start a Zoom meeting that she created inside Canvas.

We discovered today that she does not have this problem using Chrome, but does have this problem using Firefox. I’m getting the exact same problem, and yes, I’m accessing the page through Canvas. I’ve tried copy-pasting the meeting ID directly into the Zoom app, but that method requires a password, which I don’t have.

Accessing the link from the same Canvas page on the same account using a different device Android 12 works just fine, but my laptop Windows 10 encounters the error.

Are you signed in to your Zoom account? Can you see your Zoom Desktop Client? What does it say in your profile? These are just questions that I’m posing because I’m trying to figure out a similar issue. She is signed into her university Zoom account in Zoom desktop client, and the client is up to date.

I have the same issue, but I use Brave. I can open direct links, but when i try to open the ones that are in my university site, it won’t open, it just says ” Unauthorized Sorry, your session was expired.

Please refresh the page or login again” I’ve tried everything but nothing works. Does it happen when people are not signed into their Zoom accounts? Does it happen when using Firefox? Yes — only Firefox. Not chrome. I’m having the same problem on all my Zoom accounts. I can’t get in to any of them – not work or personal. I have the problem on 2 Zoom accounts, on 2 browsers Firefox and Chromeon 2 different computers. The irony is that others who cannot login cannot post нажмите для продолжения it here.

I can only post here because I have a private Zoom account where I login through Google. One thing I noticed on the Zoom login page – it will not accept uppercase letters I tried it in the account name and they appear as lowercase and we need an uppercase letter in our password.

I’m facing the same problem too. I have been using zoom since last year and have never had any problems signing in via Chrome. But 2 days ago, i started getting the error message. It’s really frustrating because I rely on zoom fully to conduct my online class. As of November 11, I also began receiving the error code when attempting to sign in via Chrome.

I completely cleaned my cache, Browser and cookies and nothing changed. I also rely on Zoom for my online classes. Luckily I was able to access my account through Firefox – however – when signing in via the internal link from this Zoom Community page while on Chrome I had no problem! However – I don’t think I can access my meetings from here. Could other people please try to sign in to Zoom and see if the sign-in page what does error code 3038 mean on zoom – what does error code 3038 mean on zoom: uppercase letters?

Although I don’t have uppercase letters in my email address, I have tried to type uppercase letters there and it won’t accept them as uppercase – they are shown as lowercase. If the sign in page won’t accept uppercase letters than our passwords, which need to contain an uppercase letter, will not be acceptable.

Hi, problems signing in. This seems a known issue that others are having – what does error code 3038 mean on zoom – what does error code 3038 mean on zoom: below that I will post on this Community thread. For now, I found a poor workaround – “forgot password” and Zoom’s emailed link to reset password pw requirements the same, need upper and lower case. Changed PW, got in. First on laptop while my desktop still was OK, but soon it started on desktop too. Both running Win 10 and Chrome.

I tried clearing all cookies, cache, restart etc. Ran all cleaning and scanning utilities I have, but the problem still exists. They said the sign in page wasn’t accepting typed upper case letters, which are required in PWs. The Zoom account I use to run meetings is for a company.

I have access to the Zoom account but not to the email someone else in the company receives it so I cannot use the change password route to access that account every time I want in. Agreed Heather – very frustrating. Zoom support replied to ask me for more detail, some of which I’d already supplied, and suggested I try another browser which I haven’t but I know others have and try signing in after opening an Incognito Window.

I just replied to them that the Incognito Window made no difference and sent a screen capture of the error I see on the sign in screen. I’m sorry the email reset isn’t an option for you! I am now able to get into my Zoom accounts. I am not sure what happened. I signed into here, and was surprised to be able to sign in with one of my accounts that has been showing the error. While still logged into here I tried logging in via the regular Zoom sign in to access meetings, and the system knew I was already logged in so let me in to access the meeting bookings.

That is the first time in 4 days that I have had access to the meetings. At this time the normal sign in is working on both my browsers Chrome and Firefox. I hope it lasts! And I hope everyone else can sign in without Errors, too! I’m additionally on a fundamental plan. If you search zoom in Google you can see that is caching the Signin that нажмите чтобы перейти that error page. Thank you so much godlo!!!!! Using the first one allows me to at least get into my account.

Thank you! Once I cleared my cache this also fixed my issues with starting zoom meetings as well. Thank you guys!! Can’t understand half of what you all said–I’m not computer savvy–but changed upper-case S to lower-case s in signin Thanks again.

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Caltech’s patents disclose circuits that generate and receive irregular repeat and accumulate (IRA) codes, a type of error correction code designed to. you need to have a good internet connection to a support zoom app calling or else it starts showing error code 5 in zoom app. This is one of the. This error occurs when trying to connect to the Zoom web service. There are several possible causes for this problem. Troubleshooting procedure.