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If you have any incorrect settings like muted microphone, mic not set as the default input audio device has very low volume which may prevent Zoom from accessing the audio set up in your PC.


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Always do a mic test and playback in Zoom before you join a meeting to make sure others will be able to hear you.


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Mar 03,  · Step 1: Right-click on the volume icon on the taskbar and then click “Open Sound settings” to open the Setting dialog. Step 2: click “Sound Control Panel” to open the Sound dialog. Step 3: Under the Playback or Recording tab, right-click on your speaker/microphone and then click Properties. Oct 23,  · I’ve used the speakers connected to the front panel with Zoom before, but just tried the back. No joy. BTW, a couple months ago my printer stopped working after a Windows update. Happened to lots of other people too. Eventually, MS came up with yet another update that fixed it. This Zoom problem might be the same thing but MS hasn’t been told��. Aug 24,  · If that’s not the issue, take a look in your volume mixer and make sure all the Zoom windows are not at zero volume. otherwise, go into zoom settings and change your speaker from system or default to your computer speakers specifically. If that doesn’t work, you might want to try to check if your computer audio drivers are up to date.