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July 7th, 0. Hey, Scripting Guy! I need to be able to use a Windows PowerShell 2. Is this possible? Hello AS,. Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson here, I have been looking for a script to change my monitor resolution for years!

When I used to travel all over the world and taught scripting workshops to Microsoft Premier customers, I always shifted my laptop resolution down to x to ensure the screen was large enough for students in the back of the room to read — a real important consideration when a person will be reading code for 40 solid hours! Anyway, it simply was impossible to do this via script until recently.

This is because Windows PowerShell 2. The problem is that the DirectX methodology is no longer supported I found that out after spending several hours troubleshooting my script. So here is the best part of a great idea—guest blogger week continues with Andy Schneider. I remember the first time I started playing with VBScript.

Look what we can do with this stuff! Now I am pretty much a pure Windows PowerShell fanatic. Windows PowerShell has provided me with a fairly smooth glide path into the world of development with. NET and C. Learning Windows PowerShell has really given me the tools I need to become more educated about the world of development. There are two factors that encourage me to increase my skillset when it comes to writing Windows PowerShell code.

The first is pure fascination and learning for the sake of learning. The second factor for me is a real problem that can either be solved only with a new addition to my skill set or can be solved much more easily with the new skill set. In this blog post, I would like to talk about how I was able to start using some new skills and eventually developed a solution for the problem I was having. Just keep in mind, no matter where you are in your skill set with Windows PowerShell; the glide path up to the next level is not very steep.

I am pretty comfortable with Windows PowerShell and using. However, I am an IT Pro, not a developer. I am willing to crack open some C code every once in a while, but I really only know just enough to be dangerous. There were a couple things I was looking at, but for this article, I will talk about using P-Invoke to change the screen resolution. The first step in figuring out how something works is to find out how someone else has already solved the problem, or has come close to solving it for you.

Bing is your friend! I spent 30 to 45 minutes one night poking around until I found this article up on C-Sharp Corner. Attached to this article is some source code written in C that I used as my starting point. In this solution was a file called resolution. Once I had the code, there were a few things I wanted to change. The first was to remove the dependency on Winforms since this was going to be used in a PowerShell console window. I pulled out all the MessageBox.

Show method calls. The second thing I wanted to change was how the ChangeResolution method was being called. I changed it to a static method that returned a string. It took me a while to figure out how this was all pieced together. In order to go between managed. Lucky for me, someone has already jumped through them. This is telling the compiler to expose some function in the Win32 API using unmanaged code.

Sorry For This Inconvenience. Again, the point of going through this is not to provide a definitive guide on how to interop with the Win32 API. I know next to nothing about it. This was a long process for me to figure all of it out, but the process brought up a bunch of questions and answers, and eventually allowed me to solve the problem with a new set of tools at my disposal.

Where ever you are in your skill set with PowerShell, what is your next step? Maybe you have been using the interactive shell and now you could write a function. The complete Set-ScreenResolution. AS that is all there is to using Windows PowerShell 2. Guest blogger week will continue tomorrow when we will talk about … wait a minute.

If you want to know exactly what we will be looking at tomorrow, follow us on Twitter or Facebook. If you have any questions, send e-mail to us at scripter microsoft. See you tomorrow. Until then, peace. Comments are closed. Scripting Forums. PowerShell Forums. PowerShell on TechCommunity. Read next Hey, Scripting Guy! I also have some batch files I wish I could use with ScriptingGuy1 July 8, What can you tell me about PowerShell Community Extensions?

Probably the best ScriptingGuy1 July 9, NET Core. Recordset ADOR. Paste your code snippet. Cancel Ok.


– Charlie Russel’s Blog – Configuring Windows Server Core with and for PowerShell

Mar 28,  · Step 2. In the Settings window that opens, click the “ Ease of Access ” category. Step 3. In the left side section, click the Display. On the right side of the Display, click the link “ Additional display settings.”. Step 4. Under the “ Scale and layout ” section, you can see the Screen resolution. Alternatively, right-click on. Jul 07,  · Maybe you’re really comfortable with Windows PowerShell and want to start playing with C#. Whatever the case may be, don’t be afraid to step it up a notch and go for it! The complete 1 script is available in the Script Repository. AS that is all there is to using Windows PowerShell to change the monitor ted Reading Time: 18 mins. Powershell script for changing Screen resolution in Win I would like to write a Powershell script with which I can change my screen resolution. I already looked on the internet but there is no solution to my problem. Is there a way to write such a script without extra tools? windows-server-powershell. Comment. Comment Show. Comment. 5.


Change display resolution windows 10 powershell.Windows 10 – Powershell script for quick change of screen resolution

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