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At times, everyone has faced an embarrassing profile picture incident when there is an involvement of any account profile and we are sure you must have faced it on Zoom as well. Unfortunately, you cannot delete your profile picture on the Zoom app. But you can delete your profile picture by accessing the official website of Zoom by using any browser on your phone.

The steps to delete the zoom profile picture are the same as those of the PC. For your convenience, we can explain it more simply. If you think that the profile picture of your zoom account does not fit with the working conditions, you are left with no other option but to delete it. Many zoom account holders face difficulty to remove their profile picture. All you need to do is to hover the mouse pointer over the photo and hit the three dots that come up in the corner and edit the photo.

Here, the pop-up window will allow you to change the photo. Here, the pop up window will allow you to change the photo. When you are using your Zoom app from the web then you will have the maximum access to your account settings.

We will let you know below how do you change your Zoom profile picture on the website. This commonly happens when you sync your Zoom with a Google account, on the other hand, you have not fixed any profile image for your Zoom account.

Therefore, the Zoom itself fetches the photo from your google profile photo. Since the Zoom is linked with google account so when the google account profile photo remains blank so the zoom profile photo also becomes empty. At that time, Zoom will bring another photo from your google account. To make it not happen, you will need to delete all the images from Google account which is not a good decision for you.

The solution to it is to save a blank photo on your Zoom account. We are showing you how you may do this. By the way, this process will work on all devices. You can delete it from the settings option and over there you will find the photo icon. Once you click on it then the upload process will come from the drop-down menu. Tap on it and select your preferred photo to delete.

Also, you can crop your photo after uploading any of it. You can hide the self-view by hovering your mouse there and clicking on the ellipses button. You have already removed the Zoom profile picture on your devices as we have shared some of the straightforward ways to do it. So, you can do it without any worries. Now you may make chats and calls. If you find any inconvenience then let us know.

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How To Remove a Zoom Profile Picture – How to Remove a Zoom Profile Picture on an iPad


Zoom has become an essential part of our daily life thanks to the pandemic. Whether it is an office meeting or an online class, Zoom is the professional platform that delivers quality video to its users. We all have faced certain situations in which we have put an inappropriate profile photo. If you have been using Zoom for your office meetings or for any other official meeting, then you may have uploaded a picture that you may not like anymore or you just want to have a different profile picture with a company logo, etc.

If answers to all these are affirmative then you must be asking yourself how to remove Zoom profile picture, or just change it with a new one.

Certainly, we have become used to making Zoom calls while working from home or freelancing. If you are a student, you attend your classes through Zoom. The best thing about Zoom is that you can use it even on mobile data smoothly. The host of the meeting shares the link of the meeting with an id and password. You can join the meeting by just clicking once on the link.

It displays on the screen when your video is off. So, the option of changing or removing the profile picture in the desktop and mobile phone app is available and can be opted for easily. By adhering to the following steps, you can easily change your profile picture on the Zoom desktop app. Furthermore, the same steps can be applied on both windows and mac.

So, if somebody asks you how to remove a profile picture from Zoom on the desktop version, you have all the knowledge now. How to remove profile picture from Zoom on phone? Now if you use a mobile phone, then the above steps will not be useful for you.

Here, you will get to know how to remove profile pictures from zoom on phone. Follow these steps to change your photo on your phone. You may not use Zoom on your phone or desktop maybe because you only use Zoom in your office or at school and use it through the website.

From the comprehensive list of methods, we are sure that you have your answer for how to remove Zoom profile picture or just change it. Follow these steps and you are good to go. Sign in. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

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How To Remove Zoom Profile Picture On Phone Or Desktop.How to Set or Remove Your Profile Picture | Showbie Support


Zoom is an excellent tool for chatting with friends and family. But perhaps you now have to use this application for work, and the profile picture you have is no longer appropriate. The best way around this is by removing your image altogether.

In this article, we show you step-by-step how to do this on various devices. If you use Zoom on your iPad, you will most likely make use of the Zoom app. Unfortunately, the Zoom app has no way of allowing you to delete your profile picture on the app interface.

Instead, you will need to log in to the Zoom website and remove your profile picture there. This is how to go about it:. Your profile picture is now deleted. If you sign out of the Zoom web page and log in to your Zoom app on your iPad, you will see no profile picture displayed. Using Zoom on your iPhone is much the same as using it on your iPad.

As mentioned previously, the Zoom app does not provide the option of removing your profile picture. But, there is a way around this:. Your profile image will now display as blank. If you log out of Zoom on your browser and open the Zoom app on your phone, you will see the image is deleted there too. As with the iOS version, the Android Zoom app does not allow you to remove your profile picture. You can change it but not delete it.

Luckily, there is still a way to remove the image. This is how to do it:. Your profile image is now deleted from your account. The online version of Zoom and your Zoom app will now display a blank placeholder in place of a profile image. Removing a profile picture on Zoom from your PC is a little more straightforward.

Here is how to do it:. If you log in to Zoom using your Google Account, you may encounter this problem. This is because zoom automatically assigns one of your saved images from your Google Account as a profile image. There are a few ways around this. Your Google Account profile picture is linked to Zoom too.

Making your Google profile picture blank will then make your Zoom profile image empty too. This may cause Zoom to select another photo from your Google account. In this case, you could delete all your pictures from your Google Account. While these two options works, not everyone wants to delete their Google Account images and profile pictures. We suggest using the third option, which involves saving a blank image as the profile photo on your Zoom account.

Find a generic profile image on Google. It could even be a plain white JPEG. Save it to your device. Next, in your web browser, head to zoom. Your profile page will then open. Your Zoom profile picture will now be set as a generic image until you choose to change it again. This method works for all devices. Removing your profile picture on Zoom is relatively straightforward once you know the steps to follow. The simple instructions provided in this guide will enable you to remove your image without hassle.

Now you can set about chatting to colleagues or clients without having an unprofessional profile image in the way. Have you removed your Zoom profile picture on any of these devices before?

Did you use a method similar to those in this guide or did you do it a different way? Let us know in the comments section below.