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Zoom is also great for having guests on the show since most people have used it at least once at this point. Pro tip: Original Sound has three main components — high-fidelity music mode, echo cancellation, and stereo audio. You should disable echo cancellation if you have a studio-like environment, use a vocal microphone or good pair of headphones, or play a musical instrument.

In todays video, brought to you by Alan, we want to show you a simple way of getting started by using Zoom for podcasting. First and foremost, Zoom is a free piece of software that you can use to record for meetings of under 3 people. This means its perfect for a interview if you are looking to bring in guests for your podcast episode. Zoom is also a go to piece of software when it comes to its above average audio quality. It gives you the ability to play with your audio settings and customise it to your exact specifications.

We use Adobe Premiere to mix each episode of the podcast and adjust audio. We then use ScreenFlow to import and edit the video file of the recorded interview from Zoom to create the final version of the podcast.

We then take the fully produced video file and import it into GarageBand solely to extract the audio-only version of the podcast. We insert the SoundCloud player into a blog on the Sales Integrity website in the podcast listings area. Finally, we take the video version of the podcast and publish it to YouTube. Of course when that is all done we then promote it on these social media platforms — LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

And work with software that helps you get the most out of your interview. Related: How to use Houseparty. The company is pitching the idea as a means of unearthing interesting stories from your family, for example. It could also be a great idea if your friends are discussing your favourite episodes of Game of Thrones, or favourite video game franchise.

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Can you use zoom for podcasts.We Asked the Pros: How to Run Your Podcast on Zoom


You could get your guests to turn on the sound recorder app on the phone from their end while you would be video recording with your phone and at the end of the call, all they would have to do is just send you the voice recording file as it has a much better quality. Depending on how flexible your guests are, you could also get them to do the same thing from a video perspective as well so instead of using the sound recorder application, they could video record themselves using their phones.

Now, if using the sound recorder application isn’t really feasible for some reason, there is a fallback option that you can use which is going to Zoom and just tweaking one of the settings. So here it is:. So what this does is it basically turns off all the audio signal processing that Zoom does while you are on a call and just gives you the clean audio signal that you and your team can then start to edit and post-produce from.

This is a really clever option that not a lot of people may know about and it helps you bypass all the weird processing that sometimes happens in recordings.

Now it’s not as good as using the sound recorder app and it’s definitely not as good as using a microphone but it definitely makes the audio quality better. Something to take note of is that you have to give your guests access to turning on this feature so what you want to do is:. You want to make sure that this is checked, and you may need to just confirm that every time before recording a new podcast show episode using Zoom because this will allow your guests to enable original sound.

Performing this step on your end makes sure that your guests can see the option to turn on original sound and they will see it as soon as the call starts because you as the host have enabled that. So basically, we have looked at everything that we need to do to successfully record a video podcast and the main idea is just that we have to be resourceful with the things we already have because you are not just using Zoom by itself but also other things that are available to you and your guests.

Not everyone has a microphone or a camera, although these are things that you should consider investing in if you want to take your show seriously. When I moved to a new town, and we could no longer work on the show in the same place, Zoom became the no-brainer tool for recording and post-production needs. Original Sound gives you the best audio quality possible. Zoom is also great for having guests on the show since most people have used it at least once at this point.

Pro tip: Original Sound has three main components — high-fidelity music mode, echo cancellation, and stereo audio. Give clear instructions for how to handle the recordings. After you end the meeting, Zoom goes to work converting your tracks and preparing to save the call. Next Zoom will ask where you want to save the files and automatically open the folder with the files.

If Resonate is producing your show, we need an m4a audio track from you and each of your guests at a minimum. Each person should collect the file with their name from the Audio Record folder and submit it to us. Zoom has exploded in popularity, and you and your potential guests have likely used it already. So the convenience of recording with Zoom is an advantage. I have been a remote worker for many years and used every imaginable video chat software. Zoom is hands-down the best video conferencing experience and now it is feature-packed.

However, audio quality is the primary concern when it comes to remote podcast interviews and you will need to decide if the audio you are getting out of Zoom sounds good enough for your listeners. Zoom is an incredible tool for recording if you want simplicity and speed. But Zoom is lacking in terms of the recording quality it offers. Our Remote Recorder offers crystal clear local recordings of you and your guests, no matter where you are in the world.

Now you can record long-distance calls, professionally edit and mix your podcast, and host your podcast in one app. Get a day free trial when you make any purchase at Resonate.

See if you qualify for a free trial. In this post we covered the Zoom free tier that allows you to record unlimited 1 to 1 meetings. I walked through a checklist of the equipment that is required to record a remote podcast interview using Zoom.

I covered how to install and configure the Zoom Meetings Client on your computer with all the settings we recommend, and how to record a Zoom call. If you have questions, give us a call at or schedule a call with our team. Save time and bring your podcast production to one easy app. Get started. How to record a podcast interview with Zoom video conferencing.

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