– How to shrink my pc screen – how to shrink my pc screen:

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– How to shrink my pc screen – how to shrink my pc screen:

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Press the windows logo key, use the minus sign simultaneously to reduce screen size Press the control key and rotate the scroll on your mouse down Go into display settings from control panel. Go to advanced setting and increase resolution. The higher the resolution, the more zoomed out the screen. Use the menu option on your browser to zoom out. Dec 02,  · Right click anywhere on the Desktop, Select Display Settings, Select Advanced Settings, then set your screen resolution, ie x ect, save settings. Report abuse. To use smaller Taskbar buttons, right-click on the Taskbar and then select ‘Taskbar settings’. In Taskbar settings, select the option ‘Use small taskbar buttons’ by tapping on the toggle underneath. You will now notice that the taskbar has considerably shrunk in size and is now in sync with the icon size on the desktop.


How to Minimize & Maximize Screen on Windows? Here Are Methods.Resizing your desktop to fit the screen

Aug 18,  · Method 2: Utilize Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Maximize and Minimize Window. Method 3: Maximize or Minimize Window via Title Bar. Method 4: Minimize a Window via Taskbar. User Comments. Different screen sizes . Dec 28,  · Select “Screen resolution.” Click the arrow in the “Resolution” drop-down box. A slider will appear. Click the slider and drag it to the very top. Click “OK.” The screen will flicker and then start displaying its image at your original, larger resolution. A new dialog box will ask you to confirm the resolution change. Click “Keep changes.”. Feb 02,  · Dragging the slider to the left will decrease your screen resolution, while dragging it to the right will increase the resolution. Raising your resolution will make things smaller, while lowering the resolution will make things larger. If you are having difficulty seeing things on your computer, try lowering your : K.