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Because of this, it would be very funny to send someone a message such as: “Hey, so, we’re doing the surprise party at 7,” and then follow-up with, “Oops, sorry wrong window. This is simply a good gag. Unmute yourself, but then mouth words without making any noise. Everyone will start yelling at you — “you’re muted! I recommend you keep this bit up for at least 30 seconds, so it has time to be funny, and then get old, and then loop around to be funny again. Say something rude or absurd.

Pretend you’re talking to someone offscreen. Pretend that you exist in a vacuum. This is a really good way to get fired; proceed with caution. One of the most perilous mistakes one can make on Zoom is sharing too much about their computer, like what files are on their desktop or what tabs they have open and what pages they have bookmarked.

Take advantage of this by coming up with a unifying theme for your computer and plastering it everywhere. Boot up a screen-share that “accidentally” reveals all of your browser tabs opened to Wikipedia entries for famous serial killers, or open up a folder that’s full of disturbing DeviantArt scrapings.

Find a goofy hat ideally one that’s too small and put it on. When people make comments about it, tell them it’s an augmented reality filter, but you can’t figure out how to turn it off. Ask for their help in figuring it out. Say, “I’m not sure what I installed, but now the cowboy hat won’t disappear.

Mime taking it off and ask, “Did that work? Eventually, everyone will just proceed with the meeting. If you work at home with any sort of non-human living creature, pretend to call into Zoom meetings as your pet. Hold your dog in front of your face and pretend to speak as them in high-pitched dogespeak “lolspeak” if it’s a cat. It will be cute once, but the trick here is to really commit to the bit and do it for the entire meeting. Go for a full hour straight to ensure that everyone absolutely hates you.

Simple but effective. Many urban residents do not have access to private outdoor space. With the weather getting nicer, one of the easiest ways to mess with people on Zoom is to call in from your backyard or deck or patio. Don’t bring it up directly; the imagery is enough. Zoom lets users put anything in the name display box, but when users have connection issues, it changes to a status like “Reconnecting…” If you set this as your name, people will assume you have a shaky connection and aren’t fully present, but also that you haven’t bounced off of the call entirely.

If you have a webcam with the right capabilities, you can remotely control someone else’s camera. See if you can get access and get really close-up on their face. Try to pan out the window and see what’s happening outside. Zoom in on their haggard-looking face, or their sad plant in the corner, or their annoyed looking partner in the background. Zoom’s whiteboard function lets users annotate screen-shares with their own scribbles and ideas.

Use it to scribble over key details so nobody can see them, and then when the admin erases your scribbles, put them back in. Or just draw phalluses. Give someone a funny mustache. Surprise your colleagues by drawing something that’s really detailed and impressive and shows them that you have a life and disparates interests outside the bounds of your little Zoom cube.

Brian Feldman is a full-time gamer living in Brooklyn. Switching to present mode makes the whiteboard fullscreen, hiding the Microsoft Windows Taskbar. This can be useful if recording or wirelessly presenting your whiteboard. Videos and media are interactive in the same way during both present and prepare modes, however the embedded browser is also hidden. Learn More. Security and Policy. Social Media. Disclaimer: All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. Whiteboard for Windows Quick Start Guide. Toolbar Icons Release History. Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination. Whiteboard for Windows user interface.

By default the background is white. Magic box Interactive and web content. Undo Reverse the previous action. Redo Reverse the previous undo action. Toggle Windows Use Whiteboard tools over Windows. Screen Capture Screenshot and record the whiteboard.

Displays options for capturing the contents of the canvas. Move Toolbar Click and drag to move toolbar to the side of the screen. File Open, save, export and print files. Embedded browser Opens the built-in browser to access internet resources. Selection Select and move objects. Text and Handwriting Create a textbox. Redo Reverse the previous action. Undo Reverse the previous undo action. Previous Page If the canvas contains multiple pages, displays the previous page.

Next Page If the canvas contains multiple pages, displays the next page. Present mode Switches the canvas to fullscreen mode, hiding the Windows task bar and title bar. Paste from clipboard Inserts the current clipboard content onto the canvas. New Page Adds a new page to the canvas. Live Captions Displays spoken text as captions. This feature is available by request for Entity accounts only.

Supported file formats. Whiteboard for Windows supported filetypes Whiteboard files. Whiteboard for Windows: File management tutorial. Whiteboard for Windows: Importing Powerpoint materials tutorial.

Whiteboard for Windows: basic digital whiteboard tools. Whiteboard for Windows: Magic Box tutorial. Whiteboard for Windows: changing the background tutorial. Whiteboard Windows: Wireless Presentation and screen sharing tutorial.

Learn More Access online resources to learn more about myViewBoard. Security and Policy Find out about myViewBoard secure connections. Social Media Follow us on social media and get notified of the latest news and updates. ViewSonic User Guide Database. Powered by. Built by. Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Meeting [Desktop/iOS/Android].


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Let’s take a look to find out. Did you know that you can edit your recordings right inside of Zoom? Learn how to find your files, edit and share your new streamlined video! Facilitator’s can prepare for a power outage with tools that make it possible to seamlessly stay online.

Here are some backup options. Designed by Ex Nihilo Designs. ZOOM: Whiteboard, Annotation and more Here is a behind-the-scenes look at sharing your screen while using the whiteboard and annotation features in Zoom. Zoom Whiteboard Controls If you choose the Zoom whiteboard, this opens up a whole new control panel for annotations. Stop Share When you are finished sharing, you simply click Stop Share which will usually be showing at the top of your screen in red, right under the green Start Share button.

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Share whiteboards with others Easily share your online whiteboards with other Zoom users using the share sheet. Access your whiteboards anytime Access Zoom Whiteboards anytime, during or outside a meeting, they are saved automatically.

Access on any device Whiteboard collaboration on your Zoom client for desktop, web browser, or Zoom Room for Touch. Complement Zoom Rooms with a dedicated CompanionWhiteboard. Zoom Rooms for Touch All-in-one digital whiteboard solution for Zoom Rooms Perfectly integrated Zoom Whiteboard allows local and remote teams to share and collaborate on content Fully integrated camera, speakers and the interactive whiteboard touch display gives you full control of your system Neat Board.

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What’s New at Zoom? Join our upcoming webinar to get a first-hand look into some of our exciting new product and feature releases. In our upcoming training sessions, we will have participants moved into breakout rooms. Once there, we would like them to have the ability to open a whiteboard like using a flipchart to gather their group discussions, and then have the ability to save and then share their whiteboards like flipchart paper with everyone once they return to the main room.

Is this possible? In a meeting, under the security button, you have the option to allow participants to share screen and annotate over content. You could instead just allow co-hosts to share screen and participants to annotate instead of letting everyone annotate and share screen if there are any Zoombombing concerns. Note that only the participant or host that started sharing the whiteboard has access to create and switch pages.