Mistrall shiro feeder 3 60m free download.Mistrall prut Lamberta Tele Carp Model 3,60m 3,25lb 6-díl


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Feederový prut s korkovou rukojetí, je dokonale vyvážený a je osazen SIC očky. Mistrall prut Stratus Feeder Varianta 3,60m, Kategorie: Feederové pruty Mistrall prut Stratus Feeder Varianta 3,60m – Rybářské potřeby Rybina Potřebujete poradit? Po-Pá h. Котушка JAXON Hercules Free Run купити недорого в рибальському інтернет-магазині Carpan Волосінь MISTRALL Shiro Feeder m mm купити недорого в рибальському інтернет-магазині Carpan Вудилище MISTRALL Siro Feeder m up.

Mistrall shiro feeder 3 60m free download.Mistrall siro feeder 3,60m g rm

Darba dienas no līdz 0. Jūsu pirkumu grozs ir tukšs! Visur. Visur; Datortehnika; TV un Sadzīves tehnika; Cita tehnika. Mistrall prut Stratus Feeder Varianta 3,60m Mistrall prut Stratus Feeder Varianta 3,60m Rozdáváme miliony a slevy až 75 % Kupte jakýkoli produkt na Nákupem vstoupíte do soutěže o Kč Prvního milionáře losujeme 5. Principy ochrany soukromí na Nabízíme Mistrall Prut Thunderstrike Feeder 3,6m 80gr za skvělou cenu Kč.

Chwytaki, akcesoria trollingowe Grips, trolling accessories Akcesoria Competition Competition accessories Haczyki, przypony, kotwiczki Hooks, snelled hooks, trebles Haczyki Method Feeder, przypony Method Feeder hooks, hooklengths Siatki, parasole, podbieraki Keepnets, umbrellas, landing nets Sadzyki, wiadra Live bait buckets, buckets Okulary Sunglasses Torby, pokrowce Bags, holdalls Ponton, maty, siatki, wagi, podbieraki Inflatable boat, matts, keepnets, scales, landing nets During 20 years in the period between and the coarse fishing Club Traper achieved unbelievable result — won the championship 15 times.

Starting from to the Club was always on the championships podium. In no National championships were held. All Traper team competitors are members of the National Teams in their categories.

There was no international championship event held in The pole is manufactured of the top class very high carbon. Highest level technical parameters, stiffness, lightness and good balance place the GST on pole position among the poles.

Its unique, extremely dynamic action is the most important factor of this pole. The action improves the rate of successful strikes and enables the fastest fishing during competitions. The put over joints are strengthen with special carbon mat with PTFE finish that enables wearing of joint surface and avoid accidental detaching. The pole was covered with special, patented coating that makes shipping and unshipping of the pole no matter the weather conditions.

The poles backbone is marked for stiffness optimalisation. Foam plugs in top ends of fourth, fifth and sixth section make connecting the top set easy and prevent joints from dirt and damage. The pole comes complete with three mini extensions: 1 — fitting 9th segment, 2 reversible — fitting 5th and 6th segments , 3 fitting 7th and 8th segments. The extensions are making the pole stronger and better balanced when wishing shorter lines.

The pole is constructed in such way that the 8th segment with 11m mark — lightweight can be shifted with the 9th segment 13 m — strengthened. When fishing around 11 m it is worth changing the segments as we receive the stronger butt and better balanced pole. Extreme durability, stiffness and lightness. These are the most important factors of the GST pole, manufactured of the high modulus carbon fibres. The pole’s joints were reinforced with cross mat and PTFE treated.

Thanks to the perfect shape and wall thickness and stiffness it is unbelievably well balanced. This enables you fishing with pleasure for long without fatigue. When competition fishing its stiffness plays important role, shortening the time for hook set and increasing the catch rate. The pole blank has been additionally reinforced with carbon plait, what increases strength and durability in the hardest conditions.

The GST pole thanks to above mentioned advantages will perfectly manage canals and lakes for big specimen as well as for speed river currents. All top sets in our offer perfectly suit the GST pole.

The pole made of the top quality carbon fibres enforced with high strength mat. The pole construction for extreme fishing action. The pole is perfect for fishing in strong winds and for playing big specimen. Even bend and perfect pole balance suitable for river fishing. Set includes three mini extensions. All pole elements are made according to high GST standards. The long pole was manufactured of high modulus carbon.

Its main advantage is a good compromise between strength, weight and stiffness. The poles backbone is marked for stiffnes optimalization.

Construction and composition of carbon fibres used for this pole make it perfect for carp fishing and heavy river fishing. Superb action enables stable running the float in strong streams and safe big fish playing. Additional section with thick walls, made of very strong and robust carbon. It is purposed for getting precise length of 11,5 m and strengthening of the pole butt. Very fast and stiff top set for fishing on canals, still waters and slower rivers. Maximum elastic diameter 1 mm.

Allround top set for fishing in all water conditions. Maximum elastic diameter 1. Top set for fast rivers as well as for big specimen on still waters.

Maximum elastic diameter 1,8mm. The section makes the 3rd section longer. It has a hole with special guide placed in the reinforced area. You take out the elastic of the blank through this guide. Top set for cupping. The GST is a flagship whip for line to hand fishing. It is the competition device with top parameters manufactured of high modulus carbon. Stiff, lightweight, has got the even bend, enabling playing of the big fish. Specialist bolognese rods made of extra high modulus carbon purposed for fishing on channels and rivers.

Butt section is covered with special anti-slip varnish. Other sections are covered with anti-static layer preventing line from sticking to the rod blank. Equipped with SIC rings. GST Long Distance rod enables precise rig control and sure hook set. The rods are equipped with hood for rings.

Both rods are equipped with specially designed, professional cloth bag, that enables carrying assembled rod with reel and rig on winder. Supporting plug — prevents from ring transport damage.

The rods have the highest technical parameters worthy the top range match rods on the market. The blanks are constructed of the super high modulus carbon fibres. They bend perfectly and have unrepeatable dynamics. High grade guides SIC type, cork handle with both ends finished with extremely robust ground cork. Match rods made of extra high modulus carbon. Shorter version 3,90 m is purposed for short and medium distance fishing on channels and still waters.

Exceptional action enables comfort slider fishing on dep waters. Version 4,20 and 4,50 m was designed for anglers willing to fis at medium and long distances on deeper waters.

Very fast and dynamic action makes long distance strike sure. SIC rings equipped. Aluminiowa szpula w komplecie. The GST reel has a big spool comparing to the body. It shows the reel’s purpose – waggler and slider fishing. Robust gear, precise line lay place the reel at the top of the reel market. Very practical solution two line clips on the opposite sides of the spool enables marking of the two fishing distances.

Aluminum spare spool. Thanks to the highest carbon fiber parameters the excellent balance, even bent and unbelievable dynamics. The feeder rods are armed with the SIC guides. Perfectly spaced for beautiful action. The butt section was manufactured of the profiled cork, finished with the EVA foam at both ends. The rod comes complete with two tips.

Spare tips for the GST Feeder rods. The tip end is painted In fluoro red. Depending on the Feeder type the tips have different bottom diameter. See details In the table. The serie sof feeder rods purposed for demanding anglers. The structure is based on the high modulus Spiral Carbon.

Lightweight, dynamic and strong. These are the main features of this rod. Thanks to perfectly picked up sizes and spacing of the SIC guides the rod enables far and precise casts.