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In an era full of uncertainties caused by COVID, marketers, educators, administrators, and faculty worldwide have to adapt to new ways of attending meetings, classes, and parties remotely. During the pandemic, over million people around the world hold and record meetings on Zoom. Now it becomes pretty normal to communicate, collaborate, and even spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with families over Zoom meetings.

Zoom allows holding a meeting for 40 minutes to 24 hours and it archives the video conference for all users when it is ended.

Basically, you don’t need to edit the recording. But if it is too long, you need to remove unneeded pauses and filler words like er and uh. Then you’ll get a better video for sharing with the public. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to edit a Zoom recording from both cloud recordings and local recordings.

Let’s begin now. Zoom provides online services for paid subscribers. Once you choose “Record to Cloud”, and the recorded video conferences, audio, and chat text are recorded in the Zoom cloud to free up the local storage on your computer. Login to your zoom account to zoom. Now you can see all videos that are recorded to the cloud, then select a recording that you want to edit.

Click the play button on the video thumbnail. Click the scissor icon on the lower right corner of the preview window.

And drag the playheads to specify the start and end time of the Zoom recording. Hit “Save” and the video will be saved to the Cloud Recordings tab. Click it and you can preview and modify the transcript of your recording. However, it is not actually a feasible way to edit your Zoom recording. The changes will not be applied to the recording if you are watching it on Internet Explorer, Safari, or on mobile devices using low bandwidth mode.

And it has limited video editing features. If you want to trim the middle part of the Zoom video, and remove “umm”, “er” sounds, and some freezing moments, and apply more edits for better viewing, check the second method below.

Now you need a third-party video editor, VideoProc Vlogger. It has been built with a full set of video editing tools including but not limited to cutting, merging, cropping, texting, removing background noise, etc. Furthermore, by the leading full GPU acceleration tech, VideoProc processes large and long Zoom recordings without any fuss. Open VideoProc Vlogger and create a new project. Import your Zoom recording to Media Library and drag it to the timeline.

Play the video and pause it when you want to cut. Click Split in the toolbar. Repeat the step to divide the recording into several parts. Zoom allows sharing the screen during the video conference, if you dragged some files into the recording area by mistake, this video cropping tool surely comes to your rescue before you share it with the public. What’s more, you can remove black bars and the “Powered by Zoom” watermark if it is enabled by cropping the video on your computer.

Click Crop in the editing bar this time. Select the aspect ratio that you need, or you can choose the Custom mode to crop the frame freely.

Then drag the box on the footage to reframe. When it is done, click Apply Crop to get back to the main editing interface. Put the playhead at the position where you want the subtitles to appear. Click the Text option in the toolbar, then type into the content. You can change its font, color, size, and position in the Inspector panel on the left side. A Zoom webinar takes 30 minutes to several hours. And it is really time-consuming to browse the whole recording even you’ve trimmed off some parts.

And the best solution to speed up the video recorded by Zoom. And the proper speed for a Zoom recording is 1. Tips: By default, VideoProc Vlogger changes video speed without changing the pitch, if you want a change, toggle on the option on the head of the speed menu. Import your company logo in. Then place it to Overlay Track. Double-click on the logo in the preview window and you can adjust its position and size by simply dragging.

You can also type the contact info or official website address on the screen with the Text feature of VideoProc Vlogger.

This is also a good opportunity to promote your brand while sharing your Zoom video. Preview and check the edited Zoom recording. Hit the Export button above the timeline, and finish some settings like file name, format, and destination folder to export the Zoom recording.

You can select the best format for your Zoom recording in terms of different use. Then you can trim, cut, merge, and adjust the audio speed freely.

You can hit the share option on Zoom cloud recordings, customize the download and viewing rights, and set a password. Then copy and send the share link of the recording to your partners. As for local recordings, we’d suggest reducing the file size with VideoProc Converter first.

Then you can transfer a long Zoom recording over the internet in just a few seconds. Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share more creative content and useful information to readers.

She has strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in video editing tips. Create cinematic videos and beyond. Learn More. VideoProc Converter One-stop video processing software. Convert, transcode, compress, download and record. VideoProc Converter Convert, transcode, compress, download and record. Part 1. While previewing the video online, you can edit it by specifying a playback range.

Step 1. Open your dashboard on Zoom and find the Zoom video recorded to the cloud. Step 2. Trim the Zoom video. Step 3. Modify the audio transcript on Zoom. Part 2. Free Download For Win 7 or later. About The Author. Cecilia Hwung.


How to edit recorded video in zoom. So You’ve Made a Zoom Recording…Now What?


Both Zoom cloud recordings and local recordings provide high-quality MP4 video and audio and M4A audio only files. You can also find links to all your recordings on the Zoom desktop client by clicking the Meetings tab, then the Recorded tab at the top of the left panel. Once you have your recording, here are a few things you can do to get it into tip-top shape and share it with others.

Remember, the longer the meeting, the larger the recording file. Go to your account settings to choose an option to optimize your recording for a 3rd-party video editor for the best results. Then, any meeting or webinar you record to the cloud will automatically transcribe the audio.

Your audio transcript VTT file can be found at the same URL where your meeting recording is stored, ready for you to download and edit. If you want to display the transcript as captions , simply view your recording and click the CC icon at the bottom right of the screen.

See the section in the article above for the best video editing software for phones, PCs, and Macs. Follow the below instructions to convert your Zoom file to an MP3 using iTunes. You can trim the beginning or end of your Zoom meeting using the built-in editing features in the Zoom app. Zoom recordings saved to the cloud can be edited the same way as recordings stored locally on your device.

Zoom allows users to trim the beginning and end of recordings made in their app. Zoom has settings that can optimize your recording output for specific editing programs. The Riverside. Learn how to record a Zoom podcast and take a look at a Zoom alternative you may want to consider for higher-quality podcast recordings. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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