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You want to reduce the distracting halo-effect that you have probably noticed in the past meetings. Try to remain stationary. Anytime your webcam sees movement color changes , it tries to adjust the lens creating an effect. All of the background images that we have included here are tested to work with the Zoom Video Virtual Background feature.

You’ll notice that there are no watermarks, and that we have focused on providing realistic backgrounds. No shots of the beach, the Milky Way or sunsets here.

You don’t want your background to distract your colleague or potentially have a client think that you are unprofessional in any way. Then open Zoom and add it to the Virtual Backgrounds setting.

Then tap on Virtual Background. A selection and mini menu will appear along the bottom of the screen. There are usually 3 default virtual backgrounds there. None of them are appropriate to communicate a work at home setting. A “Photos” box will pop up. If you have a lot of photos on your iPad you might need to wait for a while for the preview images to load. Tap on the background image you want to use, and then tap on “Done”.

There you go! Now tap on the X in the top corner to get back to the main Zoom page. Yes, you can even use Virtual Backgrounds on your iPhone. Make sure the background image is saved to your Photos. Then launch the Zoom app, sign in and start a New Meeting. You’ll be the only one in the meeting. Tap on “More” and then on Virtual Backgrounds. If you have a lot of photos on your iPhone you might need to wait for a while for the preview images to load.

Leave the Meeting. Go into Settings of the Zoom app and click on Meetings. You want the camera pointing directly at your face. Not from the side, or from below. Try to have the camera at the same height as your eyes.

When someone has their laptop sitting on the couch cushion beside them the angle is unflattering, and unprofessional. Just don’t do it! We see a lot of people leaning in too close to the camera – sometimes you can’t even see their chin!

But if you have a dark room, or are doing a call in the evening, position your lighting to be coming from the top, side or directly towards you. You really want to avoid having your light source come from below. Let’s say you have a lamp on the floor and the light is shining on your face from below your chin — you’ll end up with an unflattering look that can be solved by simply moving your lamp.

Slouching, or laying in bed or on the couch is just not acceptable. If you don’t have a desk handy, then stand up. It’ll keep you focused and attentive. Firstly you will avoid hearing an echo or feedback. The microphone in your Airpods or headphones will pick up a more natural sound of your voice. And thirdly, you will look better than if you use a massive over-the-head set of wired headphones.

You are sitting in front of. The Zoom software is working to differentiate you from the background you are in front of so you’ll make it a lot easier for definitive capture of your whole face and body if you aren’t blending in the background color of the wall behind you!

Look directly into the camera lens, especially when others are talking. And of course, when you are talking. Looking at the camera communicates that you are listening to the person speaking. And looking at the camera when you are speaking helps you communicate your message to the person on the other side of the camera. Here are some of the best professional Zoom background images including neutral backgrounds for Zoom meetings and home office backgrounds that you can use for your Zoom virtual background.

Plus two backgrounds that are just for your friends. You’ll know them when you see them. These next two background shots are of the same livingroom. Add realism to your background by interchanging these from day to day! These last two are just for laughs. Not recommended for work conference calls , but rather for close friends who will share a laugh with you about your model roommates:. Face-to-face conversations went behind the screen in a matter of days. Be it business or personal, people started connecting with each other through video-conferencing tools.

We reached out to professionals and entrepreneurs across industries to find out their top tips for video conferencing from home. From lighting to wifi, and more, find helpful pointers to make your video-conferencing profile more professional. And make sure any extraneous devices have been muted. Not muting your microphone is the new reply all.

When video conferencing, you really want to avoid being in a dimly lit room which can result in a poor, grainy video quality or using harsh, artificial lighting which emphasizes shadows and can be unflattering as well as make you look tired. The more natural light you can access, the better. Natural lighting is much more flattering and will do wonders for your video presentation skills. Plus, being near natural light is generally better for your psychological mindset, especially with so many of us being trapped inside all day.

Just like when you are in an in-person meeting with a group. This way the meeting stays efficient, people are listening and only speaking when there is something of benefit to be mentioned. By trying to multi-task or zone out during a video conference you are not only wasting your time, but the rest of your teams.

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You now need to make sure the virtual background feature is enabled on your Zoom account. This must be done from the Zoom website. Sign in and. How to set a virtual background in Zoom · Click on the background of your choice and save it to your downloads folder. · Open your “Zoom Desktop Client” and.


How to get Zoom virtual backgrounds working on Android – Double-Check That You Have The Feature Turned On

Another way is to use an online video editor like YouTube or Vimeo to create a video with a transparent background. This is essential if you notice that your audio and video quality is dropping, especially if you are using mobile data.