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bit/96kHz, 6-in/2-out Modular Field Recording System and USB Audio Interface with 4 x XLR/TRS Combination Inputs, 4 x Microphone Preamps, and Included XY. How you point the microphone will determine where your subject is placed within the stereo field. Experiment with headphones to understand this.

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The Zoom MSH-6 – Mid-Side Microphone Capsule for Zoom H5 and H6 Field Recorders is an interchangeable component in Zoom’s H5 and H6 modular recorder system. Whereas the original H6 sports a gray finish, two interchangeable stereo mic capsules, and premium accessories—a protective case, a foam windscreen, and a USB. bit/96kHz, 6-in/2-out Modular Field Recording System and USB Audio Interface with 4 x XLR/TRS Combination Inputs, 4 x Microphone Preamps, and Included XY.


Zoom h5 vs h6 field recording – none:


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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Zoom h5 vs h6 vs alternatives. JDandCoke Member. Messages 2, Looking for a multipurpose recording device. Primarily to record rehearsals and demos and for taking a line out the desk at gigs.

The main use i see for it is personal use at rehearsals, set up the built in xy to capture the room and then close mic myself with a 57 so i can listen back to experimenting with tones etc.

Features wise both of these seem to hit the mark so im really curious about comments on their ruggedness and ease of use. Itll be lugged around in my gig bag and subjected to nornal rigours of gigging. The extra tracks are appealing for demos could take in two guitars, bass, drums on the xy and a vocal scratch track. But we could always overdub onto a 4 track. Anyone used both? Easy enough to setup and get files off etc? Anything i might have overlooked?

Price seems to be about for the h5 and about for the h6. Nevets Silver Supporting Member. Messages 9, I had an H5 and was pretty happy with it. I chose it over the H6 because the H6 is pretty limited in it’s multi-tracking capabilities. For example the built in mics record to tracks 1 and 2 only, so you can’t use them to record a scratch vocal over top of tracks you’ve already recorded with the mics if that makes sense.

After some time I sold the H5 and got the H4n Pro. They’re all pretty easy to use and well built. If i do decide i want the ability to record 4 track AND room xy, are there better options than the h6? H6 is already pushing the budget so must be same or less price. Messages 1, I’m happy with the h6. I use it for recording ideas at home, and taking individual tracks from my gigs for mixing later.

I’ve had a few issues in getting my gain stages set up right But that’s user error, not the fault of the unit. I looked at some of the other units I paid CAD and it’s one of the better investments I’ve made for creating my own music, and getting a sense of what I should work on in my live shows.

Its also served well as an interface when I needed one on-the-go, or for troubleshooting at home. I didn’t think I would use it like this at all. JDandCoke said:. Click to expand It has built in Mics and while probably not as good as the h5 or h6 they do a solid job. Works well. The ability to record 8 channels at once is nice.

The are larger format but not too big and can run on batteries. Messages I jumped for the h6, had it’s first test at this weeks rehearsal and I was impressed at the separation. I mean it’s not a high quality recording but it’s better than the garbled mush that we had from iphone recordings previously and everything could be heard clearly.

Looking to get some use out of it’s multitrack functions soon! I recently picked up an H6 as well, after pondering which model to get for the longest time. Being able to plug in up to 6 with the expansion capsule mic sources was one of the reasons I wanted the H6, I can record full band live demos with that.

I used it this week to record a live metal show at a local club, the recordings came out great. The color screen is a plus for me as well, I dig it more than the screen on a friend’s H4n I’ve played with. You must log in or register to reply here. Trending Topics. Is PRS going to release the greatest Tele ever? Guitars in General. The Sound Hound Lounge. Started by rossalex Thursday at PM Replies: Top Bottom.