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Founded in by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing zoom stock price prediction 2021.

Become a Motley Fool member today to get instant access to our top analyst recommendations, in-depth research, investing resourcesand prdeiction. Learn More. Zoom Video Communications ‘ ZM However, investors might be wondering if the stock can still generate multibagger gains this year as the pandemic ends.

Let’s take a fresh look at Zoom’s strengths, its growth app download apk softonic, and its valuations to see if its high-flying stock could at least zoom stock price prediction 2021 again this year. Zoom attracted millions of users throughout the pandemic prdeiction it was easier to use than many other prife conferencing platforms.

Its free tier, which provided group calls for up to 40 minutes, roped in prediiction users and nudged them toward paid tiers, which extended the time limit and added premium features like zoim recording, transcripts, and single sign-ons. Zoom had already generated impressive returns prior to the pandemic thanks to its growth among enterprise and education users.

Zoom’s revenue and earnings growth accelerated significantly throughout the first three quarters of the year:. During lrice peak of the pandemic last April, Zoom claimed its meetings were hosting million active participants predoction day. That figure likely rose throughout the second and third quarters.

Zoom’s growth among large enterprise customers also accelerated. Those growth rates are zoom stock price prediction 2021, but Zoom didn’t provide any clear guidance for fiscal Instead, we should review the facts. These big tech rivals can all afford to undercut Zoom’s sock. However, Zoom could still attract users and companies that don’t want to tether themselves to those big tech ecosystems. Its strong brand recognition, which has made it synonymous with video calls, could also prevent users from trying out competing services.

Second, the influx of free users, especially among schools, has been throttling Zoom’s gross margins. However, its operating margins are improving as its revenue growth outpaces its operating expenses:. But orice last quarter’s conference callZoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg warned that the company’s operating margins would continue to contract sequentially as it expands its sales teams and invests in new products like its voice-only Zoom stock price prediction 2021 Phone platform and its OnZoom marketplace нажмите для продолжения online events.

It’s also unclear if Zoom can reduce its dependence on free users to boost its gross margins again. Steckelberg expects Zoom’s gross margins to remain “consistent” with its third zoom stock price prediction 2021 throughout fiscal before expanding again — but that could be challenging if its revenue growth decelerates after the pandemic ends. I recently warned that Zoom’s valuations were too hot to handleand I stand by that assessment.

That might seem like a reasonable valuation, especially compared to other high-growth tech stocks, but it’s a high price to жмите сюда for a company that faces uncertain zoom stock price prediction 2021 returns. Pandemic-related fears could still drive this stock higher this year, but I believe fundamental gravity and concerns about prife long-term growth will prevent its stock from doubling or replicating its jaw-dropping gains from Cost basis and return based on previous market day close.

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– Zoom Earnings: What to Look For From ZM


Katherine Lynch. This year’s selloff in technology shares was so steep it left these companies undervalued. Fund Spy.

The difference between growth and value funds was stark. David Carey. Stock Analyst Update. We have reduced confidence in Zoom’s long-term outlook. Dan Romanoff. Investing Specialists. All portfolios posted strong gains in absolute terms, but the ETF portfolios crushed their mutual fund counterparts. Christine Benz.

On a graph, that might look like a disaster. But if you bought in early , you’re still looking at more than double your money. The market thought vaccine distribution would take the stock down.

So, naturally, the market dragged the stock down. With new variants on the horizon and all, that does not spell the end of the pandemic or the end of Zoom. But even if the pandemic completely disappeared, this company would have a lot of juice behind it still.

And what name pops in your head when you first think of video conferencing, other than FaceTime? Zoom Video Communications, of course. There is simply no other candidate around to challenge Zoom for a piece of that pie, so Zoom will continue to be a total monster in the industry.

For even more proof of that this stock’s slide is not backed by logic, look no further than the latest earnings report Despite any market disappointment with Zoom stock, and despite many businesses reopening, Zoom produced a stellar earnings report for the quarter ended July And that’s not even mentioning where it could go by yet.

We were only privileged to see the modest beginnings of Zoom in Really, the company wants to innovate even further. On 16 Jun. On 17 Jun. On 18 Jun. On 19 Jun. On 20 Jun. On 21 Jun.

On 22 Jun. On 23 Jun. On 24 Jun. On 25 Jun. On 26 Jun. On 27 Jun. On 28 Jun. On 29 Jun. On 30 Jun. On 01 Jul. On 02 Jul. On 03 Jul. On 04 Jul. On 05 Jul. Despite more pronounced bearish dips in the following 12 months, moving averages still continued to rise, propelled by rising support and resistance lines clearly evident on the chart. As the Delta variant of Covid began to sweep across the globe, entrenching the popularity of working from home, so too did the popularity of Zoom, regaining some of its value.

But the day moving average steadily declined throughout the second half of , despite a subtle bump in early November, indicating a bearish advantage. The shooting star pattern on 17 November foreshadowed a bearish advantage, dragging the price down 4. You voted bearish. You voted bullish. This could suggest the continuation of a downtrend, but as always, this analysis is speculative and any possible projections are contingent on numerous factors.

Be sure to check out our latest ZM stock price to stay informed. Firstly, the possibility of an overvalued Zoom stock forecast estimation should be considered. As we can observe when tracing the recent ZM stock price history, market capitalisation is reactive to constantly changing global conditions. Will Zoom stocks once again climb should a fresh wave of lockdowns be imposed on major economies, or will it keep plummeting as people get back to the offices?

That is the big question. Competition rapidly increased in this sector in recent years, yet Zoom remains by far the dominant market player. Video conferencing is largely its main driver of revenue, whereas competition in this space is mainly driven by the conglomerates Microsoft Teams and Skype , Alphabet Google Meet and Cisco Webex.

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Zoom Stock Forecast Double in Five Years.

Still trading for roughly 44x its sales, Zoom rivals the valuations of tech stocks in ” Very well stated. Zooms price to sales. It remains to be seen what impact these disparities will have on CNN’s Zoom stock forecast for , which currently projects a median price of.